Step Into The Future With Our Solar Installation Services in El Dorado County, CA

 We offer commercial & residential solar panel installation for offices all around El Dorado County, CA. Explore our website now for further information. 

Solar panels are an efficient way to reduce your energy bills in the long run. With sufficient panels, you can live off the grid for a good part of the year. On top of that, the solar panel is an exceptionally durable technology. A one-time investment in solar panels can last over a decade with basic maintenance. This is why, Evergreen Home Performance offers the best solar panel installation services for home of all kinds. Our specialists excel in planning and executing every solar installation with professional diligence. We examine your property thoroughly and determine the overall power consumption. This enables us to provide you with solar panels that exceed your power consumption by a sufficient margin. With this, you can add more appliances to your home without overloading your solar system. On top of that, we make certain to use 100% copper wires with adequate insulation to keep the conductivity at a maximum. As for our service charges, we offer competitive rates for your financial convenience. We aim to reduce your bills without impacting your monthly budgeting. We offer commercial & residential solar panel installation for offices all around El Dorado County, CA. Explore our website now for further information.

Solar Repair Services - Big or Small, We Can Fix It All

When it comes to solar system related issues, the technicalities demand an expert’s touch for appropriate repairs. Without one, you can render your solar system useless. With our highly skilled professionals, you can get rid of any issues that affect your solar panels. From basic wiring issues to replacement of inverters & relays, our team can handle everything with the utmost care. Our top priority is to get your solar panels back to their pristine condition. We also make sure to check every aspect of your solar system to avoid any potential issues in the future. The components we use for repair and replacement are purchased directly from authorized suppliers. Along with that, our technicians follow all the repair and safety codes set in place by the authorities. We offer the best solar panel repair services for homes and offices in El Dorado County, CA. Call our experts right now!

Roofing Installation Services - Protect Your Home From Harsh Weather

Roofing installation is a complex task from every angle. It needs years of experience and proficiency in various tools to get exceptional results. This is exactly what we offer with our roofing installation services in El Dorado County, CA. Our roofers excel in the installation of various kinds of roofs. From simple shingles to metal roofs, we can protect your home with all sorts of materials. Our main goal is to keep your roofs safe from harmful UV rays, moisture, rain, and hail. We also provide metal & shingle roof replacement for homeowners. Get an accurate cost estimation from us today!

HVAC Services - Beat The Heat With Our Expertise

HVAC systems are a must-have for an enjoyable living experience. The ability of an HVAC system to keep your home chilled in summer and toasty in winter is remarkable. With our HVAC experts, you can install your home with a state-of-the-art HVAC system. We only use the HVAC units from leading brands to ensure the performance and your satisfaction simultaneously. We aim to cover every corner of your home with our best residential HVAC services. We plan the placement of the HVAC unit, duct work, thermostat location, and every other thing beforehand. This way, our installation services are streamlined and do not impact your day-to-day life. On top of that, we make sure that your HVAC has sufficient access to clean air. This way, you can enjoy your home at optimal temperatures throughout the year. We offer our services in El Dorado County, CA. Book a meeting with us now!