Secure Your Investment with Our Reliable Solar Installation Services in Folsom, CA

We provide the best solar panel installation services for home. Our experts in Folsom, CA

Solar panels are very heavy and they have to be placed properly, otherwise, they can fall off from their place and cause damage. Another thing why a firm installation is necessary is the strong winds that can uproot the panels from their place. These panels, when installed form a large panel which significantly increases the surface area. This massive plain structure can easily be uprooted from its place. When there are strong winds, there will be more resistance due to the increased surface area and more chances of the panels being uprooted. 

But you don’t have to worry as long as you get yours installed by Evergreen Home Performance. We provide the best solar panel installation services for home. Our experts in Folsom, CA, will make sure that the surface you are getting the installation on is not loose and will hold the panels in place. We will use the best frames, and screws that will last for years despite being subjected to heavy rain or storms. Our detailed service will ensure that your panels are firmly placed and will not lose their grip even in the strongest wind currents. We also provide commercial & residential solar panel installation for offices. So, call us now and get reliable panel installations. 

Solar Repair Services - Save Your Money In The Longrun

Getting your solar repaired is far more inexpensive than getting a new one. You will not only save your money but will also be able to get the exact same performance that a new one gives. However, it is only possible if you get the repair from a credible person or company. We provide the best solar panel repair services for homes and offices in Folsom, CA. Our experts are professionally trained to provide repairs for almost all sorts of solar panels. Whether you have commercial solar panels at your workplace or residential panels at your home, we have the expertise and tools to fix them. Also, we will repair all sorts of damages like damage from hailstorms, rain, light impact, wind, and the list goes on.

As the main purpose of the repair is to keep using your current panel and save cost, we ensure that the repair itself doesn’t cost you a lot. You will find the lowest residential solar panel services cost with us. Despite the low price, you will be getting the most durable repairs. So, call us now. 

Roofing Installation Services - Zero Leaks Guaranteed!

Almost all roofing materials are durable and are built to withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Despite that, many people face roof leaks as soon as one year after the installation. This is because of bad installation. We provide affordable & quality roof replacement and installations in Folsom, CA. Our experts will ensure that we provide an excellent installation that won’t leak for years. We also provide emergency & local roof replacement services to make sure that you get the needed help for your roof in time. Our experts are always ready to help you replace your damaged roof so that you can have peace of mind. Don’t wait and contact us now.

HVAC Services - To Keep You & Your Family Cool

HVACs are a crucial component of every home. HVACs are responsible for keeping us in a comfortable environment throughout the year. Especially with the rising global warming, we cannot imagine a home without a cooling system. These systems are built to be robust and work in every condition. They will perform at their best whether it’s freezing out there or there’s scorching heat. But they can only perform optimally if they are taken good care of. 

To make sure that your HVACs keep performing at their best, you should consider hiring our experts for your HVACs. We are a credible HVAC contractors Company for Homes and Offices. Our experts have helped countless homeowners and businesses by providing them with unmatched installations, replacements, repairs, inspections, and more. All of our customers are happy with our services and you too can be one of them. So, call us now and get the best residential HVAC services in Folsom, CA