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Why roofing replacement is important?

Damage to the roof due to a natural disaster, severe weather, or ordinary wear and tear, will eventually need to be replaced. A roof replacement is a tricky, complex job that should only be done by experts. You should not try to do it yourself, instead hire Professional Roofing Contractors to do the job quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly so that your home is protected, secure, and beautiful once again.

The estimated time a roof replacement process takes depends on a couple of factors, the size of the roof and the type of roof. Shingle roofs are the quickest, often completed within a day. Metal roofs take time and are usually completed in one or two days depending on the home, while other roofing materials like wood shake or slate, can have a time-consuming replacement process. 

No matter the type of roof, or the reason for its replacement, you should consider a professional company. These companies are contracting to do the job promptly and to their complete satisfaction.

Types of Roofs and Their Durability!


Shingles are cheap and easy to find. They come in several shapes and colors to complement your home’s architectural style. This makes them the popular roofing option among today’s homeowners. Replacing shingles seems like an easy job. It is not a do-it-yourself task. Remember, your roof is your home’s asset and major protection. Any flaws in installing or repairing the roof can have serious long-term consequences. So, it’s ideal to leave it to professionals. Shingle residential roofs can last for roughly up to 25 years.

Wood Shakes

These roofs are attractive and tend to be extremely durable but they can be expensive and are not best for areas prone to fires. Wood shakes can last for up to three or four decades depending on the quality. If you observe rotting, splitting, molding, or pest damage to wooden shingles, this signals a need for repair or roof replacement.


Metal roofing has become popular due to its durability and fireproof properties. You can find metal roofs that look like shingles as well as full sheets in different metals and colors. As metal is expensive the contractors need to specialize in metal roofing installation, the cost tends to be higher initially but the durability of the material could make it cost-effective in the future as they can last up to 3-4 decades.


If you want a roof that is high-end and visually appealing, consider slate. It is one of the most expensive options and is super heavy. The repairs can also be costly and complex, but the final look is exceptional. Slate roofs require very little maintenance and can last for more than ten decades.

Composition Slate

For a more cost-effective slate-like alternative, consider composition slate. It is made with recyclable items and looks like slate, but is comparatively lighter and less likely to experience damage. They’re also fire-resistant and famous for the highest level of impact and fire resistance for roofing materials. Some slate roofs can last up to 10 decades, and the majority of slate tiles have 50-year warranties. 


Tile roofing is made of clay or ceramic. Although it is most popular in the USA, you can find it anywhere. It is fire retardant, but it does put a major amount of weight on your roof. You can search for some substitutes for clay or ceramic that are lighter but just as visually appealing. Depending on the climate, tile roofs can last more than 10 decades. Far better, concrete and clay tile roofs are famous to withstand hail, fire, and high winds. 

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are made from a mixture of mineral or asphalt shingle base, with a rubber coating. Unfortunately, due to the style and materials used in construction, traditional flat roofs tend to live only around 10-15 years before they are damaged. 

Skylight Roof

Skylight roofs provide light and ventilation. Ventilating a space with a functional skylight releases the hot air that accumulates near the ceiling. A basic skylight has a lifespan of about 8-15 years.

Signs You Need Commercial Roofing Replacement

Although your basic commercial roof has a life of ten to forty years, its durability depends on the quality of materials and how you maintain it. Over time, your roof may become obsolete due to different conditions, and you may need a replacement. If you are hunting to determine whether your roof needs replacing you need to track these signs:

Water Infiltration

If you observe regular water infiltration occurrences, you should immediately get it fixed and look out for any moisture trapped in the roof. When you see moisture within the insulation, or if you see other flaws, you should instantly get a Commercial Roof Replacement as soon as possible.

Damage to Roof Membrane

The roof membrane gets damaged due to high-speed winds or harsh weather as it tends to displace or uplift roofing components physically. If it isn’t looked at and fixed at the right time, it may cause extreme damage to your roof. In this case, roof replacement is the best option.

Your Roof is Very Old

In a long period, due to several factors, the durability and stability of commercial or industrial roofs deteriorate. Only with regular roof inspection and maintenance can you delay the roof replacement. 


Roofing replacement is important rather than getting the existing roof repaired over and over because repairs will provide a temporary fix to a severely damaged roof. A new roof can improve energy efficiency, insulation, and overall safety. It allows you to choose modern materials and styles that can enhance the aesthetics and value of your space. So when it comes to protecting your home in the longer run roof replacement is worth Considering!