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Understanding Solar Panel Repair Cost

Understanding Solar Panel Repair Cost

Generally, the solar panel repair cost for each hour is roughly around $100. For yearly maintenance, it’s about $20 per panel. Your complete charge could range from $100 up to $3,200. Fixing shattered glass, damaged panels, and tight connections are very common repairs. You should anticipate paying for the time spent on repairs in addition to the price of materials when hiring a professional. Below are various cost factors that will further help you identify the cost of getting your solar panels repaired or replaced. 

Cost Factors

Various situations could influence the overall expense of the project. It is important to consider these elements when planning a budget for fixing or maintaining solar panels.

Most of the setups are placed on top of the house, but you can also find panels on the ground or attached to the side walls. How simple it is to reach your setup will influence how much you pay for work. Contractors might require additional time or more workers to guarantee safety in the elevated, difficult-to-access parts of the roof. This could increase the repair expenses by about $100 for each hour.

  • The angle of your roof influences the time needed and safety measures required to do the job.
  • Systems of a higher grade often incur greater repair costs because the materials involved are pricier, or there is a need for additional caution while handling the numerous parts.
  • Big systems require more time for a thorough check to maintain the best functioning and may need extended repair periods when several panels are broken.
  • If the warranty for your solar panels is valid, you may not have to spend money on accidental harm or a panel that isn’t producing enough electricity. Often, the maker will handle fixing and exchanging but might not pay for delivering it.

Solar Panel Cleaning

The price for cleaning and taking care of solar panel systems usually ranges from $150 to $350, while each separate panel can cost approximately $15 to $35. In areas where it rains a lot, there is often a reduced need for cleaning the panels. In places where the climate is dry and there is pollution, dirt can accumulate on the system and cause it to be up to 30% less efficient. Doing maintenance and cleaning every year helps a lot in making sure the system produces energy at its best level, which also saves you money because it works better.

Broken Glass Panel

The cost of materials to repair shattered glass might be small, such as $20 for a container of epoxy, or it could be large, like $500 for an entirely new panel. If the broken glass can be taken out, a skilled worker may have the ability to put in a fresh piece. The difficult task is to prevent water from becoming drops on the inside, which makes the new glass blurry. Even if the glass stays broken, the panel might function but it will produce less power because of the shadow caused by shattered parts. Before discarding the damaged mobile phone, ensure to examine it for any functionality. Your repairer might have the capability to fix it with epoxy or by using tape meant for stained glass to make it stable.

Cracked Panel

Repairing cracks might require one or two hours of work, costing $100 each hour. If the crack is large, it could necessitate changing the entire panel which costs between $200 and $550, not including the work time. At times, an expert can weld the sides together to preserve the device. If you deal with the problem quickly, it helps you save more money over time. The price for a single solar panel can differ, but fixing a crack by soldering is cheaper than changing the whole panel and putting it in place again.

Loose Connection Repair Costs

Like the cracks, fixing a loose connection might only take an hour of work and cost about $100. However, if there is serious damage to the wiring it could cost as much as $400 to repair. When solder connections are not tight, they make the connection unstable because it changes when the panels get hot or cold. If you tap the panels hard with your hand, you might see some cells stop working and then start again. Someone skilled can remove the soft silicone around the cells to reach their backside for fixing. They might also have to remove the solder and then put it back on the tools, or change or repair the damaged parts and padding.

Solar PV Inverter

To change the direct current into alternating current, you need equipment. Small inverters for this job are between $100 and $250 each, but the big string inverters have a price from $1,200 to even as much as $2,500 per piece. For the small kind, every panel comes with a separate inverter. However, for string inverters, one works for all the systems together. Both kinds should remain good for the duration of their warranty. After the warranty ends, it might be necessary to change this component. A professional should complete this task, which could add $250 to $500 in labor.

DIY Solar Panel Repair vs. Hiring a Pro

People who own their homes can sometimes make repairs by themselves. If you possess the necessary tools and know how to solder, you might repair a weak joint by slicing through the silicone and soldering the wires again. You have the option to fix small cracks using tape for stained glass. While you can purchase solar repair kits on the internet, these kits are intended for fixing solar heaters in swimming pools and come with plugs designed only for that type of gear, not necessary for rooftop PV systems.

Some repairs of solar panels may be difficult, particularly if it requires climbing on the roof. If unsure, it is best to employ a skilled person to install solar panels so that your system is safe and works at its highest efficiency.

Experts are the right choice for fixing and maintaining machines. They understand the proper way to do it and can save you from spending extra money because of mistakes made when attempting to fix or change a solar panel by yourself. A professional can discover problems that are not obvious and improve how much energy you produce. They also possess the understanding and equipment needed to do the job without danger.